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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dress for Anomaly

So, I was just flitting around the net and found this image that seemed like a perfect dress that might appear in a theme wedding. Imagine my surprise when the girl in the image ended up having the same name, spelled the same way, as my character in the fic, Rebekah. She even had the right color hair. I have removed her face for her privacy as she is appears to be a regular girl in a regular life whose aunt made this dress for her for a special event and posted the results. FYI, it took the aunt SIX MONTHS to make this! It's gorgeous though and fit the story so perfectly!!!

Salvatore Gown

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Current Projects

Boy have I been neglecting this blog. BAD ACW! Since I last posted here, I wrapped up My Other Brother and Return of the King, wrote a Holiday piece called Christmas Restoration, and began my second book of my Children of Creation series called Induction. I'm about halfway through Induction and on track for editing, so I decided to give myself some freedom to stretch out with some fanfic in my downtime. I've been falling harder and harder in love with the tv show The Vampire Diaries. I'm a sucker for Damon, so when an episode lately really made me ache for him, I found myself with a plot bunny, which is now my newest posting fic: The Anomaly.

The Anomaly Banner by Rosalynn7885

Rebekah Gilbert, youngest sister of John and Grayson, fled Mystic Falls after her eldest brother’s funeral when truths long buried about her past were uncovered. In an attempt to keep her family safe, she left only to return a year later in hopes of protecting her niece, Elena, from the things that go bump in the night. Imagine her surprise when she returned to find Elena surrounded by more mythical creatures than she ever suspected. As she merges back into life in Mystic Falls, she eventually reveals the reason why she’s there and how she may have the answer to the question of how to save Elena from sacrifice in order to break the curse of the sun and the moon…if only Damon will allow her to do what she needs to do in order to save more than one life with a single sacrifice of her own.

So if you're shopping for a fic of a different genre, so check it out :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Announcements

It's been an amazing few months for me recently.

My biggest news...come January, I will be a PUBLISHED author! Thanks to The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House, my original story Children of Creation: Convergence, the first in what I hope to be a series of novels involving humans, Angels, and another race known as The Guardians and one girl that can see the all where most other humans can't. I finished my first draft two weeks ago, go into hard editing mid November and will be released toward the end of January. I'm so excited about this. This story was originally entered in the TWCS Original Fiction contest winning the Young Adult category.
This was the banner I created for the contest entry
Children of Creation Banner

And this is my banner for winning :)
My Banner for Winning YA division of the TWCS Orig Fic Contest

In addition, I entered two Anonymous Contests last month.

My All Hallows Eve entry, Tripping the Veil, didn't win, but was very fun to write.

Tripping the Veil Banner

But my story for the A Picture Says it All Anonymous Contest received the honor of winning Kharizzmatik's Judge's Pick, which is a real honor for me as her story Emancipation Proclamation is one of my favorite all time fanfictions! She made me this banner as my prize!

Someday Prize Banner

My Other Brother, Chapter 17 teaser

I was about to move over to the dresser to put on my locket and spray a bit of perfume when a loud knock at my door made me jump. I dashed to the door and opened it to see a distressed looking Edward staring down at me. He gestured for me to let him in; storming past me as his hands flew threw his hair. I closed the door and spun to face him, waiting for him to explain.

Edward’s pacing was almost comical, as he would pause, blush, and circle the room before pausing again. “I…fuck this is so embarrassing. I have a problem. Like a major problem.”

I moved to sit on the bed, my heart pounding a little in my chest. Any problem of Edward’s was my problem as well. “What’s wrong, Edward?” I asked, patting the bed next to me. He tugged his hair again before coming to stand in front of me. My eyes grew wide as he began unbuckling his pants, not sure what was going on, but knowing full well that sex wasn’t what was on his mind.

He pulled down his pants and underwear to mid thigh, revealing the subject of his distress. I drew my lips together and tried hard not to laugh, but it was impossible to hold back. I rolled on the bed, tears running down my face, ruining my make up job.

“Don’t laugh, Isabella Marie Swan! This is all your fault you know!